Do you want your wedding to be a fun, memorable and overall unique experience? Ever considered pizza catering at your wedding?

We will take you through the process and show how our woodfired pizza catering team will create an atmosphere that is memorably fun for your special day.

The flour, mozzarella and tomatoes are all imported from Italy from 4 different suppliers in Canberra and Sydney to ensure the highest quality is met for our pizzas. We take a lot of pride in what we do and only the best produce will do for Neapolitan style pizza and guarantee you and your guests will be impressed with our wedding catering in Canberra. We make our own fresh dough and make fresh pizza on site using high quality ingredient

You are looking for a wedding catering in Canberra, so read on to find out how the process works!

But pizza at a formal wedding event?

Who doesn’t love a delicious woodfired pizza? And when pizza catering is done well, we’ve found that our catering can complement any type of wedding. We will work with you to customise a menu, look and serving style that’s perfect for your special day.

From gourmet pizzas to wood-fired delicious dessert pizzas and any other additions as required, Capital Woodfired Pizza will deliver with style. Our elegant kitchen setup and beautiful wood-fired oven, create a romantic & intimate ambiance unmatched by traditional catering.

We take every possible step to ensure that your special day will be a unique success that is more memorable because of our presence. We love to be part of such a magical celebration and feel it is an incredible privilege for us to be part of your wedding!

Dietary requirements

We understand you will have concerns about our pizzas being able to accommodate all of your guests. We have confidently catered for many folks with varied dietary requirements. Please let us know if any of your guests need special consideration before your wedding reception, and we’re sure to be able to accommodate.

The meats we use are hormone-free, free-range chicken & lamb; pepperoni, salami, ham and bacon we buy in locally. We have gluten free alternatives available and our pizzas have low additives.

Does our oven give off a lot of smoke?

No, there is virtually no smoke while cooking as we ensure our presence melds in as any other service at your wedding. However, when adding wood to sustain the high temperatures, there will be minimal smoke for the first few minutes.

How we fit into your special day

We will arrive on the day of the event 2-3 hours before the pizzas are required (this is needed to get the oven up to temperature) and stay serving for 2-3 hours depending on numbers. Our team will prepare for full service or buffet style as pre-arranged. We require 1x standard power point or we can bring our own generator. We are flexible and will work to your requirements. For example, dessert pizza can be timed to be served before the speeches are made.

Our commitment to you

We work within your theme. We want your wedding catering in Canberra to be a success. We do everything to help you achieve that, whether it’s for 5 people, 50 or 500. We provide more than just exquisite wood-fired pizza & food, we also create an atmosphere and culinary experience that is unique, intimate and exceptionally memorable.

We arrive at your event completely self-sufficient, so you’re removed from the work and stress and can focus on your special day.

Other wedding suppliers

We are more than happy to recommend other wedding suppliers. We’ve been catering weddings for a while now and have made a lot of wonderful connections in the world of weddings. We know photographers, venues, musicians, bar services, other caterers and more. We can either recommend to you or organise other suppliers for you. We’re always happy to help.

How much space do we require?

Our fully equipped, open-air woodfired mobile Pizzeria travels to your event. The set up dimensions are: trailer 2x3m (height 2.4m) and often we use a 3x3m marquee at the front of the trailer.

Our Woodfired Pizza Menu  |     Woodfired Pizza Cost

What happens after?

At the conclusion of service time, we will clean up our fully self-sufficient kitchen and take everything with us. The only thing left behind is a selection of our gourmet wood fired pizzas for you to later eat at your leisure. Any pizzas paid for and not used we box up and leave for our hosts to eat or distribute amongst remaining guests.


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