The world around us has changed in the past few months because of COVID-19 Coronavirus and no one seems sure which of these changes will last and when we will go back to the new “normal”.

However, there will certainly be a period where catering services and Canberra caterers will need to change how they go about serving guests. At Capital Woodfired Pizza Catering Canberra has been working hard to making sure that those changes are adhered, so that we are ready for any events and any concerns that our clients may have.

These are just a few of the considerations that the team have been working on:

Back of house
We have introduced new safety procedures which provides a safe working environment for everyone. This starts in the prep kitchen with our chefs and goes all the way through to the setup, running of the event and packing up after the event. We have looked at the movement of the team during events and found ways to minimise their interaction and also the touch points throughout the venues. Our team will have their own area of responsibly during the event and will stay in that position throughout.

At every event
We are now familiar with the supermarket and shop approach of sanitiser in use. Each event will have hand sanitiser units as guests arrive and throughout the venue giving guests a chance to clean their hands at any stage. Where there are likely to be queues, either coming to get food or drinks, the government guidelines on distancing will be respected. There will also be options that event organisers can include if they would like, for example, face masks on arrival for guests and temperature tests. The most important thing is that the organiser, the venue and us work together with the specifics of that event to find the safest and best solution to ensure the guests have a great event experience.