When you want to organise a birthday party you don’t want to put in effort into using same old party theme, you want to stand out. It’s a hassle getting everyone on the same page let alone organising the catering.

While we can’t help you with organising the birthday party, we can help with the delicious birth day party catering in Canberra.

Planning parties and preparing food for a large group of guests is no simple task. Knowing that memories are made and relationships are often fostered over a good meal, choosing woodfired pizza for birthday catering can help take the stress away so you can enjoy the important moments of your party.

So, why not consider woodfired pizza for birthday catering for your party and take it to the next level.


What about gluten?

You think pizza, and you think cheese. And you know some of your guests can’t eat cheese. But don’t worry. We are able to accommodate all of your guests with our gluten free bases. We have confidently catered for many folks with varied dietary requirements. Please let us know if any of your guests need special consideration before your party, and we’re sure to be able to accommodate.

The meats we use are hormone-free, free-range chicken & lamb; pepperoni, salami, ham and bacon we buy in locally. We have gluten free alternatives available and our pizzas have low additives.


Does our oven give off a lot of smoke?

There is virtually no smoke while cooking as we ensure our presence melds in as any other service at your party. However, when adding wood to sustain the high temperatures, there will be minimal smoke for the first few minutes.


Will I have enough space at my party?

Our fully equipped, open-air woodfired mobile Pizzeria travels to your event. The set up dimensions are: trailer 2x3m (height 2.4m) and often we use a 3x3m marquee at the front of the trailer.

We serve the pizza on silver trays with a paper square. We provide steel cake servers for the ease of lifting out the pizza pieces. We will happily use the serving items you provide such as crockery, coloured napkins and so on.

In addition to hand-crafted and fresh cooking, we arrive at your event completely self-sufficient, so you’re removed from the work and stress. The atmosphere created by our oven and team is memorably fun. We guarantee you and your guests will be impressed with our birthday party catering.


Your party theme

We fit into your birthday theme. We want your party to be a success. From Disney, to Marvel, to fancy dress up, maybe to one of your favourite shows, or even a masquerade dress up. From 50 people to 500, we work hard to make your party a success.

Whether you plan a more relaxed and casual party to something more energetic complete with music or even a DJ, we will fit in. We provide more than just exquisite wood-fired pizza & food, we also create an atmosphere and culinary experience that is unique and exceptionally memorable.


How much will it cost?

Budgeting is important when looking for a great caterer and you want to make sure you are getting the right amount of food, without anything going to waste. Our tried and true formula is one pizza per person, however, we’ll work with you and are always happy to add more. You can find out more on our woodfired pizza catering canberra pricing page >


What happens after?

At the conclusion of service time, we will clean up our fully self-sufficient kitchen and take everything with us. The only thing left behind is a selection of our gourmet wood fired pizzas for you to later eat at your leisure. Any pizzas paid for and not used we box up and leave for our hosts to eat or distribute amongst remaining guests.


This is what our customers say 🙂 

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